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Breaking News Thu, 31 Jul 2014
Gold pendant in the gold chain - jewellery - metal
(photo: WN / Aruna Mirasdar)
PRECIOUS-Gold steady near 4-month high on safe-haven demand
SINGAPORE, July 14 (Reuters) - Gold was steady near a four-month high on Monday, supported by safe-haven buying from escalating tensions in the Middle East and lingering worries about Portugal's biggest bank. FUNDAMENTALS * Spot gold was little changed at $1,338.20 an ounce by 0034 GMT. It posted it...
Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo, popularly known as "Jokowi" smiles during a press conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday, July 10, 2014. Jakarta Governor Joko "Jokowi" Widodo and former army general Prabowo Subianto are both claiming victory in Indonesia's presidential election based on unofficial "quick counts," raising the specter of prolonged political instability in Southeast Asia's largest economy.
(photo: AP / Tatan Syuflana)
Joko Widodo set to usher in new era for Jakarta
The Australian
JOKO Widodo last night claimed to be on the verge of victory but only an hour later his rival Prabowo Subianto declared he had won the Indonesian presidential poll. | If his narrow lead from exit polls is sustained Mr Joko will become the first post-Suharto, post-Reformasi generation leader. | Also ...
Origin export target in sight
The Australian
ORIGIN Energy’s game-changing event — first production from the $24.7 billion Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) project in Queensland — remains on track to export its first LNG in mid-2015. | Premium Content | To access premium content,...
Stop doling out unfair policies
The Australian
POLITICAL parties are at their worst when they peddle policies informed not by ideology or logic, but rather a perceived need to ­attract support from marginal ­voters. | Only that could explain the Abbott government’s simplistic, mea...
Lab tech play looks to be on to something
The Australian
Panorama Synergy (PSY) 11.5c | THE obscure tech play again is on the share price tear after university lab tests showed its optical MEMS readers translate from theory to practical uses. | Also in this story | Premium Content | To access premium conte...
Canberra’s costly carbon follies outdo even the danes
The Australian
Australians are learning the hard way that moral vanity comes at a high price. After many years of climate policy chaos, we know that most people want some action on climate change but they don’t want to waste money on expens­ive, ineffici...
Refugee laws in need of reform
The Australian
INTERNATIONAL law gets a bad rap from conservatives, particularly “hardliners”, when it comes to dealing with irregular migration into Australia. That is a pity. Contrary to what many believe, international laws are not imposed from on hi...
Forget 18c: just rake paper over the coals
The Australian
READERS of The Sydney Morning Herald got a dose of high-octane anti-Semitism last weekend. | But the Herald should not be taken to court over this vile stuff via section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. It should be raked over the coals the old-...
Synthetics pose a conundrum for world diamond industry
TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Diamonds are a girl's best friend - but only if they are natural. | That is the message mining companies and luxury jewelers are keen to instill in consumers as the diamond trade faces a growing challenge from the production of s...
Rio's Mozambique debacle sows seeds of next commodity boom: Russell
LAUNCESTON, Australia - While it's easy to point the finger of blame at Rio Tinto's former management and feel a tad smug about their downfall, the real lesson of the company's humiliating exit from its Mozambique coal assets is that the wheels of th...
Ruminating cattle and leaky gas pipelines: Kemp
LONDON (Reuters) - Supporters of natural gas promote it as a clean “bridge fuel” between the coal-and-oil dominated energy system of the present and the zero-emissions system of the future based on renewables and nuclear power. | Burning gas rath...
Why the Aliens Want Earth
Huffington Post
Expedia's galaxy-wide web site must be offering Earth at a major discount. In one movie after another, aliens decide to pass up competing Milky Way attractions - including neutron stars, antimatter clouds, hot Jupiters, and a four billion trillion tr...

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